The idea to ride with Cruisers began with¬†a group of cruiser going on a three day trip in March 2005 to the Ulysses AGM held in Canberra. The group who went, were called the “Six pack”, which consisted of Steve Ellis (Chainsaw), Derek Carter (Del-boy), Roy Collins (Magoo) John Hardaker (Little John),Mick Meyers (Woody) and Anton Brown who took Keith Mitchell’s spot (Mitch) as he was unable to go due to personal commitments.

Derek, Steve & Roy, got together after the Canberra trip and discussed having Saturday Cruiser only rides. This took place in May 2005 and only four bikes took part on the first ride. The original three then came up with the name Gold Coast Cruiser Club.

From the start it was decided to have a club in name only, with no committee or finances; just a social group, who ride every fortnight, on Saturday. See Ride Calendar for dates. The concept works well, where every one can have an input. The intentions are to have no political agendas, controversy or bickering, that normally haunts a formal club.


Each week an email is sent out to members, along with information and announcements composed and displayed of rides and social occasions on the web site. Everybody is encouraged to participate we enjoy many social occasions. We operate a general facebook page along with a members only page.