Taken from QLD Govt Website:

Motorcycle riders, including moped and motortrike riders, must follow the same road rules as other vehicles on Queensland roads. Most of the rules that apply to drivers also apply to motorcycle riders, for example, the give way rules, traffic light rules and speed limits. Some specific Motorcycle rules are:

Lane filtering rules

Lane filtering is when you ride your motorcycle at low speed between stationary or slow moving vehicles travelling in the same direction you are. The 2 lines or lanes of traffic must both be travelling in the same direction. If one of the lines or lanes is a dedicated turning lane (left or right) you must not lane filter using this lane.

You’re only allowed to lane filter in Queensland if you hold an open licence for the motorcycle you are riding and:

your speed when filtering is 30km/h or less
it’s safe to do so.
You’re not allowed to lane filter:

– at a speed more than 30km/h
– in school zones during school zone hours
– if you’re a learner or provisional licence holder
– when a ‘no filtering’ sign applies to the length of road
– if it isn’t safe.

NOTE: A motorcycle rider is not allowed to use a bicycle lane to lane filter.

To ensure pedestrian safety, lane filtering is only allowed between stationary or slow moving vehicles, not between a vehicle and the kerb. Any vehicle, including a motorcycle, may overtake to the left of a stationary vehicle.

Rules for riding on road shoulders

If you hold an open licence for the motorcycle you are riding, you can ride on road shoulders and in emergency stopping lanes on major roads—such as highways, freeways and motorways past stationary or slow-moving traffic if:

the speed limit is 90km/h or more
your speed is 30km/h or less
you give way to bicycle riders or other motorcycle riders already using the shoulder
you are not riding on any unsealed parts of the road
there are no roadworks
you are not in a tunnel
it is safe to do so.
Road shoulders are the sealed area to the left or right of a road’s edge line.

If a variable speed control sign has been used to reduce the speed limit of a road normally 90km/h, you are permitted to edge filter.

Bicycle storage areas

Bicycle storage areas located at traffic lights allow bicycle riders to wait in front of vehicles stopped at the intersection. They are often painted green with a white bicycle symbol.

Motorcycle riders are allowed to enter bicycle storage areas as long as they give way to any vehicle that is already in the area or that is entering the area on a green or yellow traffic light or arrow.