The Patch


Before the GCCC existed our main characters Magoo, Chainsaw and Del boy were members of Ulysses GC chapter and they played a very active part within that club.

As we know, Ulysses has an AGM every year at a different location in Australia, this particular year the AGM was held in Canberra, the lads had every thing organized and ready to go on this road trip including back patches on their leather jackets identifying them as Gold Coast Ulysses.
This was the expected thing to do as this is an Australian wide event the back patch would identify each area that the riders came from. The Ulysses back patch is a round patch only, which was tolerated by the 1% MC, but this never really sat easy with some of them. Its when rockers are added that the problems begin.

The Rockers are the curved patches above and below the main patch, these rockers identify the location and the area that is to be their turf. The 1% MC gangs pride these patches as almost sacred, even a pat on the back can lead to an awkward moment. When a person starts out with a 1% MC gang they only receive the bottom rocker first then the centre patch and the top rocker comes later once you have proved yourself and earned respect amongst the other members. Then they are a fully patched member.

Our fully patched lads were at the Canberra AGM and they were having a good time. The camp area and general show was visited by a 1% MC gang. Stern instructions were given for ALL back patches and rockers to be removed immediately. Should anyone not be doing this not only would you eat a knuckle sandwich but the next day you would be shot for failing to remove your patches.

Yes apparently there would be snipers ready to shoot riders as they would go past on the next days grand parade ride. So that evening most people obeyed and sat picking at their jackets removing the offending patches, but not Magoo though!! Apparently he said the words “Stuff it!!!! I will take them off when I get home”.
Whether this was an act of defiance or just simply and eye sight issue remains to be debated.

The next days grand parade ride had an estimated crowd of 5000 bikes. All of them riding side by side in lines apart from where Magoo was. Around him was a big diversion and a clearance, as riders avoided being near him for fear of a stray bullet missing its target!! That being Magoo!!!! Magoo had never been with so many bikes before YET so alone.

The good news is no one was shot and the rest of the trip went by without incident. Once home it was decided to start a Club just for cruisers only, Not wanting to leave Ulysses but rather enhance it  some of the initial planning was not to clash with the Ulysses rides.

So a logo and back patch of the same size as Ulysses was created. The round patch was created by Magoo’s wife Pauline at the time. A motorcycle rider, riding along a road under the Southern Cross.

The accompanying front jacket patch included attached rockers with many still in existence but the back patch was round only. For various reasons Gold Coast Cruiser Club parted ways with Ulysses, cutting all ties.

Magoo and many other original Cruiser Clubbers remain paid up members of Ulysses Australia.

Some years ago now one of our Cruiser clubbers was spotted at a shopping centre fully decked out in his motorcycle gear, including his leather jacket which had the round back patch attached. The 1% MC gang member took great offense to  our back patch and thus began a serious of very strong threats. From the burning of houses and Properties to severe bashings unless all back patches were removed. Once the local media got hold of this, it took off like wild fire.

Even news crews arrived one Saturday morning hoping to see some type of action. During this the media took our side as we are just social riders. This was all good easy news fodder so it kept bubbling along.

The UMC found this to be getting out of hand and wanted the issue to go away. So a meeting was organized between Magoo and the UMC. And the 1% MC gang in question.

Despite many offers of assistance Magoo sat in this meeting alone as numbers were not a good thing. Make this shit go away and get it out of the public eye was the bottom line. Magoo was adamant that the Gold Coast Cruiser Club keep a back patch and so it was decided the GCCC could have a back patch as long as it wasn’t round.

Hands were shook and the deal was done.

Gold Coast Cruiser Club is one of only a few clubs in Australia to have a back Patch that’s  not 1% related.

The first draft was the same logo just made into a rectangle and then some days later the corners were inverted.
All done fairly hastily to get it approved, which it was. The new rectangle design was well received by our club so much so the round logo is all but gone.

The round patch could still be used just not as a back patch on a leather jacket. The first rectangular design remained in service for a few years up until recently. Late last year the design and tweaked and professionally generated.
The changes were subtle, with the outer boarder strengthened and made straighter. Black was added inside the boarder, making the logo 2 colours.
Other small changes were made but the one I will always spot is the extra spoke in the back wheel in the new logo.
There is also now a 3 D version of the Gold Coast Cruiser Club logo on the front of our updated web site.

That pretty much sums up the progress to date, which leaves one remaining question ……..

Who IS that guy riding the cruiser in our logo??……………..

Well I believe it to be the rogue son of the XXXX (four X)  man on top of the Castle Maine Brewery, or was it Magoo at the AGM ?

Logo 6b