2019 Annual Toy Run

Hi There Guys & Gals,

Today I met with Rob Collins from the Robina New Life Church to discuss this year’s Toy Run; consequently I sit here feeling very proud of the club and everyone that makes themselves available for the Toy Run each year.

Rob expressed his admiration and gratitude to the Gold Coast Cruiser Club, conveying his appreciation from the recipients of the hampers that are packed every year.  I sat there with a big lump in my throat as he told me how many people cried when they were presented with their Christmas hamper.

Last year 500 hampers were packed by the church, a staggering amount, and this year he is aiming for 550, I’m sure our members will do their best to fulfil this quota.

I mentioned to Rob that one of Kaye’s customers, an elderly pensioner, had been donating $5.00 a week to Kaye, as this was all she could afford, and on Agro’s ride last week Kaye gave me the accumulated sum of $160.00; Rob was staggered by this generosity as I think we all are.

Remember gifts should be directed towards the eight to sixteen year age group as these kids seem to be the invisible ones when it comes to community donations; no fluffy toys please.

So  !!!!    Sunday December 1st is the date – and departure time from Uncles is 9.30.  Adorn your bike and yourself with festive decorations as a prize will be given for best dressed bike and best dressed rider/pillion.  Gloria will open especially for us so please buy a coffee and/or a bite to eat.

After a short ride we will arrive at the church at approximately 11.00 and enter at 11.15.  The winner of the best dressed bike will be ridden into the church and our gifts will be presented to the congregation, following which we will mingle at their after service sausage sizzle.

For those that would like to go for lunch, and a well deserved bevvy, I have contacted the Robina Tavern and they have a great Lunch menu for us.If you haven’t had the best of years this Toy Run will make you feel great to be alive, if you have had a great year then here is your chance to share it with others.  

Pommy Mick