New Members Info

Hi there and thanks for having a look at our website.  On other pages here you can find some of the history of Gold Coast Cruiser Club and also some of the background on our patch and how it came to be.  We are really pleased that you are considering joining us for a ride and we would really like to welcome you to our midst.

Firstly, just let us say that we are a club of people that just enjoy going for rides together and having the occasional social function with partners. We are NOT a typical club. We have no President, we have no Secretary, we have no Treasurer and we have no Committee.  Consequently we have NO POLITICS, which is just the way we like it.

We do have a group that gets together to ensure everyone is kept informed and to look after some of the administration, but nothing like a management committee or anything similar. 

Secondly, we plan rides for every second Saturday (have a look at the Ride Calendar elsewhere on this website).  Living in SE QLD we are spoilt for choice with rides throughout this area and into NE NSW.   Our rides include drink stops (a nice way of saying backside breaks) and a lunch stop and typically take about 5-6 hours…somewhere in the vicinity of 250-300km.  

Fortnightly rides are led by club members and any new or less experienced members wishing to lead a ride are always welcome and, if desired, one of the longer-term members will be more than happy to ride shot-gun to assist.  Similarly, ALL rider experience levels are welcome. We operate a ‘Tail-End Charlie’ system to ensure that the group that leaves is the group that arrives so everyone is welcome to ride to their own level of confidence.  Of course, we do have some very experienced riders (we claim we don’t get old…just experienced!) that are more than happy to share that experience.  We generally have a couple of ‘overnighters’ per year and these really are great times for all that attend (we stay in hotels or motels…not camping; remember we are ‘experienced’).  Members are free to attend as many rides (or as few) as suit their preferences and their individual circumstances. 

Our members range in age from early 30s through to … ‘experienced’ and we count both males and females amongst our members. 

Finally, if you have any questions that the website or our Facebook page don’t answer, please feel free to ask.  We’d suggest that, if you are unsure, give us a call (or email) and come along for a ride and see how you feel after that.   After all, you’ve nothing to lose and just a whole lot of new friends to gain…


Michael: 0401 634 355 Peter: ‭0416 031 959 Paul: 0408 958 783 Mick: 0409 076 822